Schnell Financial Group, LLC
Legacy and Wealth Management

The mission of  Schnell Financial Group, LLC is to assist high net-worth individuals, families and business owners in planning, managing and maximizing their financial life, which is accomplished through Legacy and Wealth Management which includes investment management, advanced tax planning and estate planning.  Our services go beyond portfolio investment returns.  One of the biggest factors that can drastically affect client’s financial well-being are the tax consequences on investment returns as well as other tax related issues.  Due to recent changes to our tax code, tax planning is essential to maximize your financial situation, especially if you are a successful business owner.  Schnell Financial Group, LLC believes that Legacy and Wealth Management identifies specific goals and objectives, and that the process requires a complete review of a client’s assets, potential income, applicable tax rates (including estate taxes), applicable retirement benefit programs, insurance contracts, trust, wills, family limited partnerships, and other estate planning documents.  For successful business owners,  Schnell Financial Group, LLC provides investment advice and management of business retirement benefit plans, business and personal income tax planning, succession planning and how to obtain maximum value when selling the business. 

Schnell Financial Group, LLC is registered as an investment adviser with the State of Missouri and the State of Kansas.  Our company is organized as a Missouri limited liability company.   Schnell Financial Group, LLC has been serving clients and their financial needs since 1989 starting as a tax preparation firm, adding Wealth Management services in 2005.   Schnell Financial Group, LLC is also registered as a Certified Public Accounting firm in the State of Missouri.  


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